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Renae Ashby
Sales Associate - Equinox Realty
M: 0403 063 900

Renae Ashby

Sales Associate - Equinox Realty

M: 0403 063 900
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Renae’s career in sales and service started at the age of 18 travelling the world working for international fashion house’s Louis Vuitton and Gianni Versace and in 2010 Renae received the Western Australian retail award for excellence in Business and Retail Management.

Her love of meeting new people together with her bubbly personality made her lifestyle decision to cross over into real estate full time seamless, and has kept Renae doing what she loves while also giving her the flexibility to also be a hands-on mother.

Renae instantly puts her clients at ease with her warm and professional approach and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Equinox team.

“In real estate, knowing property is great, but getting to know people is even better.”


Renae’s charm is infectious , whose showed professionalism from the start to the end of the sale of my home. She really understood my attachment and the emotions that I had to my home and made the selling process so much easier. In no time at all I had a great result and now I have given Renae my second property to sell. - Nev

I met Renae at Louis Vuitton and was instantly impressed with her knowledge and customer service. She made me feel so relaxed and at ease in a very pretentious environment. I had an investment property which I needed to sell super quickly. Not knowing where to start , I remembered Renae telling me she was moving into real estate.

I felt very comfortable with Renae and so I rang her stressed out and yelled Help!! She responded promptly in her usual warm and caring way and I sold quickly for virtually my asking price. I was very happy, more Louis Vuitton handbags for me :) - Shayana